Exercising Our Right of Existence

Lost in a world, where shadows rule, where does one find peace and tranquility? As the shadows move from place to place, shimmering in their noble earnestness, where is the light to draw back the curtain of fate? Seeing what the eyes behold, can interpretation be far behind?

Nothing exists like our own imagination, daring us to believe at every turn. Seeking we always find, pretending not to notice our creations. Shadows give us form and depth of character, without which, we are nothing. Our survival depends upon the depth and breath of character, without which the shadows become us.

In fact, the shadows are us, flittering here and there with existence of our own choosing. Nothing escapes the celebration of life, for we celebrate God's glory each and every day. Reality escapes us, so we seek to become one with it, never noticing that the One is nothing but.

Running is good exercise.

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