Life Energy Games

Life Energy Games, if compared to The Pilot's compendium on thetan history, lies somewhere between the Jewel of Knowledge and the Reality Wars. During this time period, energy and it's possible uses was explored. Much can be done with energy, it was discovered, and today we see many, many examples of the 'leftovers' from this time period.

Stealing another's 'life energy' was one derivative of these games. To play, each thetan entered the game with a specific amount of 'life force', determined by the games coordinators, and for those thetans that wanted more, a certain amount of persuasion. Of course, this energy was created by the thetan itself. All that the coordinators did was set the agreement level and rules for the game.

This, by the way, took place at a location called 'Arteriel'. A place designated as the heart of energy, without which 'life force' would lack the push and pull of 'living' energy. I mentioned the time period in relation to The Pilot's Jewel of Knowledge because those same 'entities' were involved in this experience as well. Each games, condition or incident, as passed on down through time, seem to be connected in various ways. Where the Jewel of Knowledge was Kindergarten training, the Life Energy Game was more along the lines of preparing for middle school training. It set the stage for 'individual' survival.

Stealing, capturing or willingly giving away 'life energy', are all part of this game. For the purposes of this game, 'life energy' is the coin of merit. The thetan could never increase it's own 'life energy', even while taking it away from others and it could never lose it's 'life energy' even while losing in it's effort to get more. It was the appearance of energy that was gained and lost. It was the pictures of energy that were actually the coveted item.

This is why 'life energy' was bottled in cans and the cans traded for worth. Remember, the thetan can believe so strongly in it's pictures that it becomes 'all' in it's existence. When the picture is 'canned' the thetan has no choice but to follow. This is also how postulates work. Postulates are pictures that are overlaid upon existence. The thetan acts as if those pictures are 'real' and so colors it's world. This is also no different than 'personality'.

If the thetan believes that his 'life force' is being drained, then all that it is seeing is it's picture being altered by another. The way to regain sanity is not by restoring the 'life force' but by understanding that it is not real to begin with. It will only be 'real' to the degree of effort or solidification.

Once a thetan 'believes' that at it's core lies 'life force' then the stage becomes set for something greater. The body. Which just so happens to follow in time once a few other details are worked out.

Later still, the idea of 'between lives' was used as a variation on the Life Energy Games. These games are still being played although there are now more 'important' games to place one's attention on, such as 'being'.

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