Many Are The Paths

There are many paths which are available to the individual in their quest of 'seeking'. Which one is the best? Which should be avoided? How does one know if the path chosen will be the correct one?

Questions, in their very nature, are designed to confuse and introvert us in seeking answers from the mind, but these questions are irrelevant. The best path for the individual to choose is the one which contains the most interest. When the interest runs out, the path comes to a close, but the funny part about paths is that there are always many more in which to choose.

The yearning we feel is the seeking we undertake. Once the yearning is overcome, the seeking falls away as well. All paths become the same.

It does not matter which path you choose in your quest for answers, nor does it matter the question you hold so dear to your heart. Activity is defined as effort exerted in the process of goal acquisition. The goal and effort varies with each individual, but what never changes is the one who directs all of the above activities.

Finding the motivator, we often find ourselves. The path trodden leaves it's mark for others. Walk softly and discover for yourself that you are nothing that can be experienced.

In looking for experience the seeking comes alive with a life of it's own.

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