Officer Duty

I am going to continue my rant, but in a different valence. If none of this makes any sense, then pls just ignore it.

This sector is currently in an upheaval. Various factions, even though previously united to some degree, are in the process of fracturing and falling back on their own individual goals for domination. In spite of this, the ultimate goal that was being played out is continuing, only in a different aspect. That aspect has thrown some into confusion because the stability of operations, which have endured for billions of years, has evolved into something different. A re-alignment with operations must take place. This is why the planet currently has so many options available as to causes and solutions.

What it boils down to is, the first duty of an officer is to himself. Only then can that officer display the courage to stand alone, and at times, that aloneness seems to come to pass. Remember, there are only officers.

You will find few factions that include in their operational goals the push for individuality. Most factions will pursue the goal with little care of those who are sacrificed along the way. The goal may seem to be the end point, but it is not.

Targeted individuals on the planet have responded well to outside influences based upon the long running perception of stability. The evolution of operations have been detrimental in this regard, but the expectation is that once realignment has been completed, there will be a glimmer of surprise in the eyes of survivability.

Individuality, as understood during set ups, will be the cause and effect of the past and future operational strategies.

They're coming, but in case you missed it, its' already here. Flowering, the lotus dies.

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