The Urge To Survive

The survival urge is one which can overcome each and every one of us, if we allow it. That urge is the result of the mind being granted the right of domination over us. It takes well to these sorts of challenges .

Surviving is a polarity and belongs in the same refuse tin as succumbing. Both are choices that lead to roads of hardship, pain and sorrow. It's true, happiness is one of those roads as well, but without it's polarity, it cannot exist. In this way, you gladly accept pain in order to smile.

The circle of Life leads us to where we first began. Breaking that circle requires that Life, as you know it, to be destroyed, along with the hopes and dreams of a better future. Are you ready to give up your happiness? If not, pain enjoyment will bring you your rewards.

Releasing yourself from the pain of happiness frees you from your cycle of Death and Life. The only time that exists is right now. Let the rest be as it is and you will surely prosper in ways unfathomable to the mind of emotion. Nothing exists but yourself, all you see is you. The beauty of creation is unsurpassed. I bow to the Beauty and Grace that is You.

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