Seeking we become lost in a world without end, where our thoughts allows us to ponder to and fro in the continual search for existence. Watching, we patiently await our rewards, comfortable in the knowledge of what has come to pass. Friendly in respect of our wishes, we deliver the goods of expectation and unwrapping ourselves from what we perceive we glow in awe at the wonder of being.

Seeking we find along with the expectation that compels us to act out the fears we have come to appreciate as the traveling partners we have surrounded ourselves with. Breaking free and running for home, nothing changes. In Becoming, we Became. Why else do we seek and yearn understanding and eventual 'enlightenment'?

Nothing traps us like ourselves. Nothing frees us as well or as completely as we do ourselves. The truth is a created truth, existing solely for our own benefit. There is not Truth, there is no lost Knowledge to be found, uncovered or even revealed.

You are complete. Perceiving, you reveal yourself in all of your splendor. Radiating beauty and returning to rest, you are like no other, for all others are you.

Trampling upon the Earth in search of yourself brings peace as well as sorrow. Beyond these, lies the neutrality of Nothingness. Come to believe and it is so. Nothing else matters.

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