On Post And On Target

A reminder:

When responding to a post please be sure that your reply is on topic and related to the discussion. If, after reading a post, other ideas and concepts come to mind and you wish to express them, then please do so in a new topic of discussion devoted to those items.

This helps to keep posts on track and on purpose.

A post can be considered along the lines of a question and answer session. The post is the question (expressed as an idea, concept or what-have-you), and the replies are the answers (expressed as ideas, concepts or what-ever). According to the principals of communication, one should not get distracted by those things which are unrelated to the communication.

Therefore, all unrelated communication should be dealt with separately by posting a NEW topic of discussion.

The clarity of communication, expressed without embellishment is a wonderful sight to behold. To say what one means directly and efficiently is only gained through insight and perhaps, practice. Here, insight is highly regarded, while practice becomes merely a method of trying to achieve something which one does not completely understand.

Go for the understanding. Go for that which undercuts all else. Go for that which is our right and privilege because it is part of our very nature. Insight.

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