Ignoring The Ignoble

Pestering sentiment requires one to be of solid mind and in so doing reclaim a forgotten template of things past. There is no movement and so with a dearth of time dependent occurrences there comes a time of determination of which few will pass. Judgement requires an understanding of which few revel in a totality remaining true and just. We live in dreams.

Coming upon the ends of the Earth one tends to find all sorts of fluff and stuff tucked away in a corner forgotten, ignored and hopefully quite devoid of purpose and plan. Alas it is not so.

The Universe has no drum to beat in which followers become hypnotized in the sway of lustful imaginings. There is no way out but there are a plenitude of openings from which one must choose. The devil is in the details and upon arriving all things become clear.

As no notice is given or received the way forward is just that. Step by step we live and eventually become. Upon so arriving and relaxing and enjoying our own gratitude we move on. As least that is the plan.

Wandering the wastelands we tend to find ourselves only to become quite disappointed in the end results. Is it not the results that we are after? In planning we create opportunity and so upon opening the door to a predicted future we take comfort and glee. We have arrived!

Shallow is the depths to which we take our selves and of course the results speak for themselves. Have you not noticeed, or is the way forward of a sudden departure from prediction? Oh the plans of mice and Men!

Embodying the future we tend to pride ourselves in accomplishments and though the winds blow to and fro we remain steadfast, or so we believe. Mindlessly we take refuge in compounding our sorrows that we have fallen. Is not the definition of Man such as this?

Though there is no fall we can conjure such and through belief contain all that is.

I suppose that in a nutshell we are all that we believe.

I know, it's a lot of none-sense but without which these words would have no meaning at all. That's the point is it not, talk a lot of none-sense to fill the void in order to create meaning from which the definition of ourselves can be derived.

I am so glad that the thread of existence has left me deaf, dumb and blind. But then again I have paid the price.

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