Passing The Time of Day II

In a defining moment of our lives reality takes much more than just a blow to the head. It is knocked completed unconscious bordering on consciousness. In a twist of fate we find ourselves displaced in a reality we have comfortably called home.

Sometimes it takes a lot to 'ascend'1.

Drifting in time and space we come to eventually find ourselves holed up somewhere in some desperate bar called Sorrows and Pain. Yes, there are many who drift through the well-known places throughout the universe and universes2. Setting the stage further, the band of eternity plays on and... on. Sooner or later the brick wall appears as if by magic and allows us to slam our foreheads and sometimes face, smack dab in the middle of it. It's called "The Middle Way"3.

If anything in our lives ever changes we tend to take exception unless of course it soothes and comforts that huge monster seemingly tucked away in the corner out of harm's way. It's not the things that stare us in the face that haunt us but those little things we are just too busy to notice as our feet disappear in a frenzied blur of super-human speed and agility. Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird... it's a plane... it' s our thoughts run wild with delight!4

In definition we take flight as our wings of understanding spread far and wide encompassing the entirety of thought-full existence. Is it any wonder that there is no such thing as 'time'?5

If space is for idiots to spread their wings, what happens when the well runs dry? Is it the next universe over or is there something else worthy of our imagination. There is no better story-teller than that which stares at you in the mirror of Life and Living.

Without 'life' where oh where would we find ourselves.6

  1. ascend: Thought I would throw that in just for the heck of it. 

  2. In a multi-verse sort of way. I don't play 3-D chess so I wouldn't really know. 

  3. That is just too funny to past up. 

  4. See Jane run... You know the drill. 

  5. Continuing, circle back. 

  6. You can always check the bar at the end of the universe to see if your seat is being taken. You never know what you'll find yourself doing while passing the time of day. 

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