Fixed And Unmoving

Gazing into the Mirror of Man we come to see our reflection and as we continue to stare into oblivion our shape and form react violently giving way to unimagined experience. But in our haste of domination, those experiences are neither new or exciting but merely contain the self same thoughts travelling to no end. As the snake devours it’s tail we come to be caught in the same web of deception. Where can our thoughts take us but where it is that they will go? Are we the Masters of our domain or is this too just another thought impinging upon our glorified consciousness of self. We see all that we wish to see.

Hidden among the cobwebs of history we tend to hide. Seeking that which is hidden comes to be our Quest and in that Quest we find ever lasting life. Despite our death throes, we seem to come alive. But that is the point is it not? To pretend. And in our pretension we never seem to actually see where we are going nor do we have any interest in finding out where we actually are. From our thoughts we rule our kingdom and so become the effect. Have we not surely lost the way?

Opening our eyes, can we take confidence in our ability to see reality? Where is the line which distinguishes between our imagination and reality - reality as it actually is and not as we think to be so.

In definition, form takes shape. From form our solidity denies us our spiritual right of existence. Circumventing the obvious, we believe. And in our beliefs, we take prideful possession in great delight. For what other purpose could life be for? Willfull ignorance is no excuse for falling from Grace. As we all take comfort in our unique version of desolation, where is the One who will save us? Where is the One who will restore all that we have destroyed? Where is the One in which we may place the entirety of our irresponsibility and find redemption?

As we become the first to throw stones upon the so-called wicked, we hope to find a suitable target, a target which will accept the totality of our dark and sinister selves. Surely there is One who exists which can do so.

After all, are we not just innocent naked children before the All Seeing Eye?

As we take away no one’s pain and suffering we find that our fullness grows with each passing day. Our strength of conviction catapults us into the far reaches of heaven and as we seek our just rewards, we gleefully play with the lives of others leaving compassion behind for those which are far less fortunate. With steel intent we WILL win.

Gazing in the mirror, we become captivated. Fixed and unmoving, our thoughts become boundless and betray reality.

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