The Rights and Privileges of being One thing or Another:

Upon The Ocean Of Life

Being neither IN the Ocean of Life nor OUT of the Ocean of Life, I drift in and out of consciousness UPON the Ocean of Life. One distant Land looks like another as I am washed upon their shores to do what it is that must be done. From Ocean to Land the difference is naught. The Life I have is not the Life I own and where I Go is where I am Led. Of what use are Purposes and Plans when there are none? Of what use is Freedom when it does not exist? Upon the Shoulders of the Almighty, I am Blessed with Sight so that I may Recognize that which must be Seen. But of what use is Sight when there is nothing to See?

All things contain Existence and yet I do not. All Life Flows from It's Center and yet I have no Life. As I fade into the night, I never was. As I drift upon Reality there is nothing else more or less. With effort, I partake Flights of Fancy and yet I utterly fail each and every time. Changing Course or changing Time neither could ever possibly reach fruition. In Seeking I am miserably Alone. What ridiculousness!

Perhaps to endure we must find pain and suffering in which to call our own. Who in their right mind would ever have thought up such ignorance? Closing my Eyes, I Dream.

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