Scio Freaks And Geeks

Scientology, as it seems to be put into practice these days, is one perverted, twisted, insane New Age religion. Is it any wonder that Sci-Fi mixes quite readily in the mix. Is it also any wonder that in this day and age of commercialism, this so-called religion is on the front lines of happily creating a method to assist one to part with their hard-earned cash, or more correctly, exchange - whether it be cash, check, money order, credit card, bank loan - you name it. After all, it's not the money that is important, it's one's spiritual freedom, right?

It's funny how the two are used in combination with each other.

It's also funny how the two have absolutely nothing to do with each other and yet are marketed alongside each other. This is a wonderful subject to discuss in some circles as it leads to the discovery of all sort of 'reasons' and 'why's' as to the acceptability of requiring payment from heathens in order for them to get their piece of the spiritual pie.

Of course, the goal must be conceptualized in such a way as to make it not only palatable, but quite desirable as well. Nothing like selling a bill of goods, is there? But this is nothing different than what most people engaged in commerce would do, especially those that 'need more' capital, more 'income' in order to satisfy their legal right to extract payment from any one and any thing. After all, it's only business!

Man's urge to degrade and destroy itself is quite evident, by why do so many people willingly take a part in it? Becoming rich and famous have given way to becoming 'spiritually free' which, of course, supposedly gives one a greater ability to rise above the pack and not only have wealth and 'wisdom', but admiration as well. The smell of power does more than drive men mad, it makes them seek spiritual salvation.

Scientology is certainly not alone in this, nor does it have a monopoly on compelling acquiescence from it's flock.

No one has ever made it out alive from this universe, and no one ever will no matter the length to which their imagination may run wild. This too is nothing but the same marketing scheme which is employed to win over converts.

'Freedom' comes is so many varieties and in so many flavors. How is one to pick and choose the 'real' one? The answer is simple - you can't. But don't let that stop you from joining each and every religion that comes along with a new twist, promising greener pastures. It's standard fare for all religions and probably will continue to be for quite some time.

As for the rest of us, there is more than enough entertainment to be had by watching the sparks fly by, for and between all the Scio freaks and geeks.

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