You Can Stop Now

Thoughts in the stream of time always seem to end up getting lost, waylaid, forgotten, misplaced and perhaps even 'hidden'. As tools of our own destruction we take pride in keeping it all exactly where it should be - every where. In every nook and cranny do we fill to over-flowing capacity our delicious tasty morsels called experience. After all, what would we ever do without them?

From the power of 'will' to space-age techniques, we have tried them all - and continue to try them all. Of course, in our effort to make it all last, we jump from one platform to the next always seeking, always looking for that 'new' thing which will quench our thirst.

Isn't it strange that the thirst we nurture falls into the exact same experience which every religion on this planet proclaims dominance. How can they all be right, especially when aggressiveness takes center stage. From laying down 'law' to forging narrow channels in which converts may 'freely' find salvation, the thirst never seems to end.

The thirst for new experience, tantalizingly painted by the clever, is nothing but snake oil in a new bottle. Always looking for a cure, is it any wonder that we gratefully fall head-first into each and every promise made? Is it any wonder that as we continue to run the hamster wheel of life we find ourselves saying, over and over again "Look! I am getting ahead!", all the while being exactly where we have always been. Seeking is like that. When one seeks, one will find. But unfortunately the show never seems to end there. There is always more to be had, more to be experienced, more states to achieve and more medals to adorn one's chest with.

Sooner or later, death gives way.

Either our physical presence goes, or we go. Killing the thing which we call ourselves is nothing but killing all the experiential meanderings, all the day-dreamy thoughts and ideas, all the concepts of what 'should be', everything. When we come to exist as we are, without all the trimmings, then there is nothing left. Nothing left in which to yearn for, nothing left in which to hang our hopes and dreams on, nothing will be left but what is already there and has always been there. Moving past ourselves means going no where and doing no thing.

If that doesn't beat the hell out of speed running on a hamster wheel all one's life, what does?

What does?

As our minds take flight in finding the reasons why, we continue to push harder as we do what we know best - running and running and running...

You can stop now.

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