That Which Knows

It’s amazing the amount of pain and suffering a slave will endure in order to keep alive a dream of freedom when in fact the reality of freedom exists purely in a mental state. This is the condition of today made manifest by human ingenuity through all sorts of means and ways. Mental conditioning ensures flawed conclusions thereby resulting in a detriment of man’s earthly enjoyment. It’s a downhill slide into a hell born from the mind of man and so life comes to played out exactly as it is wished for.

Breaking through ingrained conditioning is not an easy or simple task. One must develop an inherent desire to achieve that which is above and beyond mortality or else be left to the wolves to be devoured at their choosing. Although this planet falls under the domain of a self serving cabal, it does not mean that we must covet our place in the line of sheep on it’s way to the slaughter house. It also does not mean that we must become self-serving in order to free ourselves from the self serving. Enmity begets enmity and so we must break the cycle of our own entrapment. We must take our timeline and break off from it’s core teachings in order to pave a new road for our future. In fact, we must leave it all behind or else be susceptible to it’s consequences. To live in error is to die in error.

In this world there is no end of experiential joys in which to fullfill one’s living. Even in the escaping or overcoming of seemingly insurmountable obstacles we find life fullfillment. No matter the approach, we easily fall prey to our own desires. As we attempt to escape one consequence we quickly and seemingly effortlessly fall prey to another and so come to uphold another banner bearing the same name. Breaking the conditioning rarely comes to be contemplated much less perceived.

But it is in this breaking to which we hold true. This is not an effort undertaken to create some new method of madness in which to find solace but one of consciously recognizing our own true nature. It is this nature to which our entire attention and devotion is directed. We do not seek it as it is already self evident. We do not reveal it as it is already in revelation. We simply direct our attention inward.

And so that is all that we are doing - directing attention inward in order to make manifest the reality which already is.

This is called ‘seeing’ which is separate and apart from ‘knowing’. One cannot ‘know’ one’s self as one already is the foundation upon which observation originates. All knowledge is subservient to reality. But we can certainly try to make sense of it and it is to this effort that the mental acrobatics of man comes to be so devoted - making sense of something which falls far beyond the frontiers or capacity of mental ruminations.

We are not mental constructs though we can think otherwise. We are not the human characteristics we so righteously assign ourselves and we are certainly not the biological forms we take for ourselves to be ourselves. All these conditionings and constructs, by their very nature, are limited and finite.

One can limit and constrain that which is limitless and undefinable so as to became knowledgeable, but who are we really kidding?

Perhaps the best way to fully recognize our own nature is to stop playing the games of life and to embrace who and what we really are. The more time that we spend in the world, the more we become like it. The more time that we give to being in the world the more the world becomes ‘real’. Perhaps our attention should be so directed otherwise. Perhaps our attention, our mental wanderings, should be directed toward consciously knowing who and what we really are.

Can a being come to know that which knows?

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