Feeding The Beast, We Are Consumed

What is it that makes us continue, day after day, using the same methodology of seeking answers and solutions to all of our problems? What is it that prevents us from actually putting an end to our problems once and for all? Taking a step back to see the forest, all the trees lose individual existence and yet remain as unique participants of the forest just as they have always been. Where is the line drawn where we can go no further in the conquest of ourselves so that we may live fully, and completely happy and care-free?

Much to the chagrin of all philosophies and philosophers, the age-old method of applying oneself alongside particular methods of operations, are all deemed useless as the accumulation of effort free falls into oblivion. Desiring some state of happiness, we continuously trip and fall into the abyss never quite picking up on the clue that our journey, beside it's tumultuous existence, completely and utterly fails us. But without the time to think about it all, we ignore the obvious and fall, again and again, hoping that THIS time we will get it right.

Unfortunately there is no THIS time and there never will be. Replaying movies in our heads, our reality takes on new color and purpose but of course, it is all for naught. We live and die in our heads and as we think about it all we lose ourselves yet again. Can thought patterns ever be broken?

Despite out best efforts, we find ourselves right where we have always been. Over and over we play the same game, much comforted by the mind's sensory experience. Caught in the whirl-wind, we spin out of control. Whether it is falling into the abyss or taking flight, the movement in ourselves is full of ourselves. How ever could there be room for more?

Despite all the tricks and traps we live to tell the tale and yet, exactly, who is the smarter for it all? Lessons are meaningless when it comes to reaching imagined states of existence for those states of existence have no basis in reality.

Running is good exercise but despite having the health and stamina of the perfect athlete it changes nothing as the body is placed in it's final resting place. Oh the memories of it all!

Consuming sensory input our mind is ever active as it awaits it's next meal. Feeding the beast, we are consumed.

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