Gaining A Piece of The Pie

Let's face it, we all want something out of life and living and in our haste to make head-way, we will go to great lengths to get what we so desire. Out of our thoughts we take flight and in our expression we seek one target after another, always wanting one THING or another. And even when we have acquired our target, we never seem to be quite satisfied with it. Our minds turn so easily from one thing to the next. Isn't it strange how boredom sets in so easily once our goals have been reached. The never ending cycle keeps us very busy indeed.

Would it not give anyone pause to consider what, exactly, is going on here?

But the truth of the matter is that we are quite happy with our current state of affairs. Being a slave to every thought and desire does more than kill life, it also kills our ability to see. When we are completely enraptured by our thoughts, what room is there for anything else? Where is the space in which we can perceive the beauty of life? There can be no space and no room for anything else when our thoughts dominate our lives. Life is, after all, all about 'me', is it not?

Running on dreams, is it any wonder we continuously stumble and fall on the way to our deathbed? In our haste to fill another wooden box we recklessly run over any one and any thing in our way. We must, with fervent desire, get 'there'.

No matter the scenery which is displayed in our heads, we never seem to get a clue about our existence. Chasing rainbows seems to be our fate and yet we constantly complain about our current state of affairs and STILL do nothing. Perhaps we are completely at the mercy of our thoughts and dreams and as a slave, we have come to know of nothing else. No matter the excuse, it's still the same way of life.

And at the end of it all, when we have finally called it a day, nothing will have happened.

It's such a strange and perplexing concept but like all imaginings, we completely immerse ourselves within them, time and time again. Surely there is something different which is called for. Surely our awareness of ourselves can be used in ways other than to fool ourselves once again. Surely some-thing must happen.

Surely, there is a piece of the pie to be gained, which we justly deserve.

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