Running In Circles

Having the mind delve into the problem of human nature is like having a hamster seek for the end of the wheel. In order for resolution to take place one must look anew at the situation being attended. In other words, an exterior untainted perspective of what is. By it's very nature the mind is completely unable to sustain the required perspective without becoming completely immersed within it. What then, becomes the solution?

Obviously, the problem of human nature pertains to the mind and it's insistent altercation with reality. This is not an unexpected nor abnormal occurrence and as compelling a case we may create for it to be otherwise, the mind of man serves it's self. This is a key ingredient to understanding one's own nature, not one's human nature but one's nature based in reality.

The difference between the two natures is that human characteristics do not define who or what we really are, they merely ascribe that which cannot be limited, contained nor described. This can be a very difficult concept for the mind of man to assimilate but none-the-less, it exists in the same way that a viewpoint can achieve a totality of it's self - it only sees it's self, and so too does the human mind.

If we even have the smallest degree of attention directed towards those things spiritual, meaning not of the mind, it becomes clear that something lies beyond. Something lies beyond our limited human scope or sphere of influence. The mind seeks that limitation while the foundation of our being is that limitation - and all else. In the minds quest of seeking it looks only where it's limitation can go. For many, there is an inherent inclination or ability to just know that something more exists beyond the mind and it is this knowing that sets us out on our quest for the holy grail. Unfortunately, in this mix of confusion man becomes once again embroiled in his own reflective perspective completely missing the underlying nature of his own being.

But that is not completely true. How is it that we can say that our own nature is ignorant of it's self? If we are limitless by nature how is it that we do not consciously know this, why must religion become manifest as our desire to know that which we already are? It would be like the hamster running on his wheel to see if he can catch up to himself. Try as much as he may, he of course could never succeed.

And that is where we are today. Trying very, very hard to catch up to ourselves, busying ourselves to an unlimited degree in order to see ourselves for who or what we really are. How silly! Although it defies the imagination, we use imagination to create an image of ourselves that we wish to see and so all that we really see is what we want to see, nothing more and nothing less.

As this predicament becomes clear it also becomes clear that the method, or approach, we use to achieve our spiritual victory is completely and totally flawed. The hamster does not discover who or what it is by or through the use of the wheel. It just is.

But for the mind of man this becomes untenable. The mind, true to it's nature, limits. In this limitation freedom is found along with anything and everything else. There is, in fact, no spiritual freedom to be found. We can create and use everything imaginable under the sun hoping to achieve that which we have imagined for our selves but just look at what is happening. The mind creates, and solves, it's own problems and solutions for it's own benefit. These things give it the life and purpose for which it would not otherwise survive.

The hamster analogy is indeed appropriate in many ways.

Therefore, the mind of man must be destroyed.

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