In God We Trust

As of late there has been a number of interesting forays made by the so-called ruling elite. Hacking their way into the dense reaches of the jungle of life and living supper is being looked forward to being on the table very, very soon. As they say, "haste makes waste".

The number of developments and the sheer magnitude of 'issues' being created for dining pleasure defines the level of desperation now taking place. Some call it the build up of energy or 'quickening' as our solar system passes through the universe while others simply call it for what it is - madness. Though madness is a state of mind this planet lacks no sense of self-worth let alone dignity. Barbarians will do what barbarians will do. Attila is alive and well and embodied in most meat bodies who blindly waddle to and fro upon the land of our ancestors. Yes, the Land of Our Ancestors.

Now that the sense of fear and terror has been ratcheted up not only a notch or two but has become part and parcel of society itself, the end game can certainly be fore-seen. The difference between prediction and fore-telling is like the difference between the long lost night of the soul versus the stability of beingness. When one takes one's self seriously what then happens to our children?

From the time honored method of dealing with rogue elements sooner or later the cream of the crop becomes no more. When the upper levels of humanity, or what ever term one wishes to apply, becomes no more the war of selfish desire tilts the Scales of Justice in such a way as to require the reestablishment of balance, of harmony with not just one's fellow man but with the Universe at both large and small.

The only energy one can consume is one's own.

Playing with fire the forest becomes lost in perspective. No longer seeing the trees the totality of one's nature, though never lost, is typically buried well below the frost line. In the cloaking of one's self according to scripture just how many layers of conviction can one accumulate, just how many layers of second-hand clothes can one pile upon one's back? Huffing and puffing with the pleasure of one's own appearance, for how long can one maintain discipline? For how long can the shoulders stoop from the untold weight of our own baggage which we solemnly refuse to acknowledge? Just because others share the same attributes does not make it a true and valid way of life.

When we resonate in the fallacies of others we do so in order to gain the acceptance of our own.

"You can trust us. We have something better in mind."
(from an 'independent' Scientology website)

If that doesn't raise the hackles then one's early waning system has already expired from lack of funds. Paying attention is about the only means of exchange there is and when one lacks then lack becomes.

trust: acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation.

It's no longer a matter of "What is true for you is true for you." Propaganda requires trust - the giving away of the sense of self and replacing it with the sense of self of another. It becomes "My truth is your truth" or "What is true for me is true for you also."

It's the reason the Internet is so popular. Removing the sense of reality from reality and creating a whole new dimension in which to 'explore' is nothing more than following another persons's dream and living the life they envision for us to live.

In becoming blind we are blinded - by our own hand.

No one can make you do anything you do not wish to do. All that can be done is to instill a sense of fear so profound that it will create in you a compulsion to respond in order to allay that fear - a compulsion to respond according to the pleasure of the maker of that fear. "Trust us, we know what is best for you."

Fear is the killer of life. That which you clutch so fervently is the bull's eye which gains the attention of a balanced and harmonious universe. The fear of letting go is the freedom which is always sought but never gained. Fear cannot exist where there is the freedom of our own beingness, of our own nature.

Is that not something to 'trust' in - our own nature?

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