Sailing The Dangerous Waters of New-Found Territory

The exploration of new Lands is always looked upon with an excitement born from the ashes of boredom. In the killing of creativity interest goes willy-nilly out in the vast 'unknown' kingdom called make believe. It is this new territory which ravages the soul of man. Denying the impossible all things are.

Ahead and above and beyond the royal decree of self perpetuation the masses rise and fall in tumultuous behave reminiscent of some long lost time, some long lost place where happiness endured it's bitter end. As the curtain came crashing down so too did time and in it's place there remained the same space where other curtains could do the same. Forever caught in the battle of the ages warriors become doomed to repeat the offense and die the honorable death of forget-full-ness. Embracing ignorance Man reaches the end of the Universe and begs for the door to be opened but a tad more.

In the breath of life death awaits it's captive audience.

Here we are in the need of time and place what shall become of us, what shall become of that which is being. As the curtain appears above us again we assume the fallen has arisen and yet in this fancy flight of imagination reality comes to the fore - eventually. Listening to the still wind blow past the ear of particular scent we hear nothing and so do nothing out of the ordinary. There is nothing like a walk in the park to let us know that something exists away and apart from our own sense of existence. As the bitter end arrives and the ship becomes no more we find ourselves cast drift with no where to go and with plenty of time with which to do it with. Wondering in silence we hear the heartbeat of a very real existence - or so we firmly tell ourselves. In belief there is certainly no lack.

Far off and far-flung from our intended destiny we wash up ashore with angry natives demanding in unintelligible voices that which we know nothing about. In sacrificing the piece the puzzle looms greater and much larger than life. Yes, we are the Masters of our Universe and the stew in which we find ourselves is but a blessing. Twisting reality to and fro the days lost at sea are always fresh in our minds eye. Seeing the vast expanse of nothing insanity becomes nothing but the mind's protection of our very, very fragile existence. Since we are what we say we are then all thing being equal let our bodies be for the good of others.

Basking in the glow of service our pitiful end comes as no surprise to those involved but in the recounting of deeds we turn away with the conviction that our small speck of existence lacks worth to any great degree. As we offer it all up to those who willingly take on the burden we become that which we give away.

Take it, it is yours.

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