Propaganda, Spin and Counter Revolutions

Touching the Heart of Man can sometimes require many roads of ingress. Not all roads should be taken but in choice there is, as always, a choice. The choices we make defines our being but in such definition how easy it becomes to stay lost in translation. What deeds do we perform in secret as we flash the obvious?

Nothing in the universe can change our mind but just about all that we do can vibrate in harmony with the binds and bounds we place upon ourselves in order to create the limitation with which we yolk ourselves with as we plow the fertile expanse of existence. Knowing the truth is not enough.

If one acknowledges the fact that no one can make us do anything where is the compulsion to lay at the feet of others the blame, shame and regret of our own actions. If giving is better than receiving is it not better to give responsibility than to take it. In action and reaction life goes on with all of it's ups and downs giving us one opportunity after another to look in the face of ourselves and see. But it is not about seeing is it? If that were so 'thy will be done'. And done it would be. Something else must be at work here, something which allows perpetual motion to continue unabated.

One can do anything - forever.

Touching the soul of man requires the unfiltered insight of perception based not upon one's own reflection but upon the lack thereof. Taking one off to the sidelines requires distance along with, of course, space and time. Could this not be but a prime example of propaganda and spin? Enduring space in order to create time and enduring time in order to establish space, the spin just keeps going and going...

As the mind reels with incomprehensibility what does that make of us? Have we become so attached to the machinery that we actually enjoy being lost in translation? Perhaps the sock puppet party requires just one more entry for quorum. In high hopes we embrace the social interaction with a fervor previously unknown completely submerging ourselves in the rapture of Man and when the man speaks, we listen - and obey.

"The truth is out there." - of course!

"Only the righteous shall inherit the Earth." - amen brother!

"To be a part of society you must fit in." - hang 'em high!

Embracing and enforcing the rules of the road can sometimes make one scratch the head and wonder just who is it that is in control. It certainly is not us.

And that is the point.

When control over one's self is given to another then all of our own misfortune becomes self-fulfilling. Creating our own destiny, we live it.

There is no force in the Universe greater than the movement of our nature, our essence. Everything else is just a matter of spinning the tale for selfish ends. When one no longer finds compelling reason to energize transparency all that will be left is the power of the word made manifest.

The Universe speaks and yet we have designed ears to not listen with. Filtering content, we regale ourselves with endless chatter of insubstantial and inbred imaginings created wholly for our own entertainment. We are our best source of propaganda, spin and counter revolutions.

Is it any wonder that we fall prey so easily?

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