Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Sometimes in the push for reality to conform to our opinions our feet take us for a stumble or two. This purpose-full activity is no accident or 'awkward' moment in time and space. Looking out upon the universe we tend to lay claim to what we imagine but sometimes, in the search for truth, liberty and the American way, reality leaks out and makes it's way out into the known. That is a fallacy of course but the thread binds.

In the development of the foundation of a round table of discussion the rules of the road must be laid clear in order to create a common viewpoint from which all future action may take place - in this case, discussion.

Discussion of itself is nothing but the interaction of thought processes, of intention, reception and understanding. Now whatever the form or stature of said discussion the requirement is and always will be judged upon the rocks of acceptability in accordance with the previously mentioned common viewpoint. From here to there the construct moves us forward - at least that is the understanding.

In order to move forward with the round table of discussion the foundation, being such an important part upon which to build the future, requires keen contemplation upon possibilities - future possibilities of the how and why of written communication amongst the members.

This is being mentioned in regard to this website:

Lots of interesting discussion for the interested.

There is something 'interesting' going on with the foundation and though this can be found in numerous other instances of round tables out in the wild, wild west called the Internet, it's appearance here is noteworthy.

All posts become property of Project Camelot/Avalon.

Did you get that? Whatever it is that each member of the round table communicates about becomes the property of someone else - in this case Project Camelot/Avalon. The author of a communication can no longer lay claim to being it's owner. That leaves the author holding the bag while the 'owner' keeps the goods.

Sure, the author can continue to claim authorship but so what - Project Camelot/Avalon owns it! As a slave is the property of it's owner so too is one's communication at the round table of discussion at Project Camelot/Avalon.

Who in their right mind would acquiesce to giving away their own communication just because someone else wishes to lay claim to such? Are the promises of reward due recompense?

But it does not end there. There is a bit of contradictory evidence of either poor consideration to the foundation or intentional misdirection.

All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Project Avalon Community Forum, nor vBulletin Solutions, Inc. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

This is the way to have your cake and eat it too - stake claim to the communication and yet leave all consequence to the author.

The slave toils for the Master and is completely responsible for his toils - yet owns nothing! The Master takes all but consequence.

This planet is rife with lost souls running around in circles claiming ownership of everything imaginable and yet stupidity requires of them the conviction that in order to obtain happiness one must 'acquire' it.

Discussion will always lead to opinionated in-breeding where the clutter of the mind comes to the fore to do what we most wish for - stake our claim to the universe, where all bow before the greatness called 'me'.

Bah! Humbug!


This is written a bit harshly in order to narrow the focus of attention along specific lines - not upon particular individuals or their organizational structures.

Please also note the slight difference between Project Camelot/Avalon's claim of ownership and Project Avalon Community Forum's indemnity.

Though there are no secrets, empowering a website which openly lays claim to your communication is something which may be worthy of considered attention.

Additional Comments

It can be said that in order to 'change' the system we must work within it. It is still called inbreeding no matter the make-up applied to the face. When one binds one's self to a system then obviously one becomes a slave to such. Where the 'system', whatever form or method it takes, becomes of prime importance then it is to that degree that one empowers it. How can it ever be possible to escape that which one clings to?

One cannot have a foot on both sides of the fence or else what exactly is it that such a one would be proclaiming? Is it really ok to split one's self into two in order to appease?

One should hope not!

There is a saying: "When all else fails there is always hope..."

11 Jan 2011

'Charles' And The Inter-dimensional High School Marching Band

Marching to the beat of the distant drums we all sing our tunes. Keeping in step each instrument plays it's part and the resulting movement can only be heard by taking a step back from those involved.

My, what a pretty tune for bait.

Now that is really funny!

11 Jan 2011

For Clarity's Sake

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