Suckling The Teat of Despair

It's all the rage. From every corner of the universe a select few stand out amongst the crowd and proclaim the answer to whatever it is that you are looking for. The ultimate answer as the solution to Man's woes and concerns, your woes and concerns. As the Magician pulls the rabbit out of the hat and says "See, I solidify and direct your attention as I please!" so too do those who egotistically proclaim "the way out".

The way out. From whence to where? All travellers take whatever means of transportation that is available during their vacation upon the sands of life and living. It really doesn't matter the vehicle but the destination... the destination is the thing. That is where the vacation really begins. All eyes are upon it all year long.

Starving ourselves the circus comes to town to provide the sights and sounds of "never mind that!". In emptiness, with full knowledge, we seek our replenishment. Yes, when we empty our cup we go looking for more as that cup is one very tasty brew!

As the cup is us so too are the actions we express. In playing chutes and ladders we fall when we must and easily portray the victim. In truth or consequence we do deliver. Relishing the experience, there is just no end in sight. But that is the point is it not? Who wants to crash the party when we are all having so much fun?

Are you having fun? Without pain and sorrow how else does one experience the polarity? What would happen if we were to only experience one side of the equation? For how long can one cry with the pain of loss before we have had enough? For how long can one laugh at a funny joke before others begin to look askew at us in the wonder of our mental condition? For how long do we experience the ups and downs of life and living before we being to nurture the idea of moving on?

When one has had enough of one experience the mental tendency or habit, is to move to another field of play and begin again. Moving from one battlefield to another does what exactly? What is it that makes and creates our fields of play, our games of chess and chance? What is it that nudges ourselves ever onward without a hint of clarity as to where it is that we are taking ourselves? We are going somewhere just the same as we have already been.

In playing monopoly we gather our possessions in order to deprive others of the same and so reach the pinnacle of material wealth. When we have it all we have won. And then it is all over but the gloat of victory and sorrow of defeat. And then even that fades into history.

"Dr. Falken, how about a nice game of chess?"

The point of all games and gamesmanship is to discover something which we have already laid empty from our cup.

Now what could that be?

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