Constructing The Perfect Image

The wayward mind, the cleft of unity; all things become possible when they already are. Being in existence the shadows dance upon the walls of illumination and that illumination is but the light of ourselves casting it's warm glow upon the universe of perception. Through creation the universe becomes. In existence we find meaningful hope of that which is yet to come to pass. In the twirl and dance of purposeful action catching up can be difficult. In slowing down time we create the space necessary in which to do our bidding. In encapsulating totality we hold it near and dear to our hearts as a reminder that we are indeed lost out among the stars. Lost in thought we become.

While the moment between thoughts is the stillness which we are we tend to franticly grasp the movement called time in which to further the exploration of what we call the unknown. Nothing is known or unknown to that within which they exist. Do we find our place out there, somewhere in thought? Do we tip the scale of balance in order to create?

As nothing arises from something we play hiding games in order to create the mystery of life through which we may transpire. Extending our reach we play the games of mice and men and live to tell the tale. What better remembrance is there than to be remembered in thought, word and deed. Painting ourselves afresh with new and interesting tones and hues nothing changes and though the interpretation evolves nothing ever really does - except the construct we call 'me'.

Can you not make up your mind as to who or what you really are?

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