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Observing The Obvious

Sitting back and observing the obvious from an unattached perspective is called, in some circles, obnosis. One cannot detach from illusion unless one recognizes that there is an illusion in the first place. This is part of _observing the... 09 Sep 2010

Littering The Streets With Corpses

They already are and for those of unbridled sight the obvious becomes a moot point. What is, is. It's not a matter of belief but purely a matter of seeing. Observing the obvious becomes obnosis, the action or ability of seeing reality for... 09 Jun 2008


Let's start off with a definition of obnosis: obnosis: observation of the obvious. one looks at the isness of something, at what is actually there. (extracted from a CoS website)... 21 Feb 2008

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