Let's start off with a definition of obnosis:

obnosis: observation of the obvious. one looks at the isness of something, at what is actually there. (extracted from a CoS website)

This is all well and good but let's break this down further by exactly defining the terms used from which the word is derived.

obvious: easily perceived or understood; clear, self-evident, or apparent

gnosis: knowledge of spiritual matters; mystical knowledge

'Gnosis' has a very interesting history and deserves a bit more clarification.

gnosis: from the Greek word for knowledge

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnosis:

"Among the sectarian gnostics, gnosis was first and foremost a matter of self acquaintance which was the goal of enlightenment. Also stated as direct knowledge of God through awareness of the divine spark within."

This historical reference is really quite revealing.

When one observes the obvious one has no choice but to become aware of that which is being aware. It's like taking one's self out of the equation and letting nature take it's course.

Take, for instance, an auditing session. The auditor assists the pc in taking a step back from their own emotional content so that they can see what is really going on. In this desensification or release, the pc comes to be able to see, to observe what is actually taking place. In this state of unattached observation spiritual insights flow. It is this unattachment which drives attainment.

In obnosis one places one's self in an unattached position regarding life and living and thus attains a clear and free perception of what is. This is or isness of perception has no emotional content whatsoever other than what one places upon it. In this respect, you indeed are what you see.

In the observation - not participation, of life and living spiritual matters come to the fore with a gusto. This is not a quest in creation, but in observation. The Universe dances to a beat and when that beat is met all is revealed.

The obvious only becomes so in contradiction to that which is hidden from sight. In hiding, we greatly enjoy the life experience we call our own. Holding on to it for dear life, it is all that matters to us. One does not attain spiritual insight by holding onto anything - especially our selves. In the observation of the obvious this is all taken away from us and the thought of losing our hopes and dreams is not something easily contemplated. Though the Universe has no regard at all for our hopes and dreams we certainly, and with great vigor, do.

Letting go of our emotional experiential drama collection is not always an easy matter - especially when we refuse to see or acknowledge it. Auditing is a gradation for this reason, a slow steady conviction that it is OK to be you. To be you and only you - without the photo album of where's and when's.

Auditing is a great tool for the pc as it relegates responsibility to the auditor. It comes to be up to the auditor to unlock and release the clutches of human existence. The pc wants it and the auditors makes it happen.

This is but one level of approach.

Another approach is simple obnosis. Obnosis is not self-auditing and the endless inquiry of this and that, the why of it all. There is no why in obnosis because what is, is.

So the next time you are having difficulty in one thing or another simply practice obnosis. The results are unmistakable as things fall into their proper orbit. When they do not it's simply an indication that the obvious has been missed - yet again. It's not a matter of creating solutions to life's problems but it is a matter of letting go of life and living enough so that reality can be embraced. Chasing the shadows of hopes and dreams, of experience and conquest is the same as ignoring the spark within called you and embracing an unattainable human divinity.

This is nothing hidden in this Universe. There are no secret agendas, no furtive forays in quest and glory which are not known. Conspirators may conspire all they like and implanters hone their craft to perfection but it all comes to be useless to the one who possesses the sight to see. This really is all quite obvious and apparent. It is also quite apparent that beyond the turmoil and problematic outward appearance a thetan is still a thetan, a grand spiritual being unspoiled with the clutches of their own humanity.

If one sees the appearance in things then spiritual matters come to be hidden and mysterious. Locked in appearance our attention becomes inflamed and so we sit with our own house on fire seeking peace and understanding. But when we take our selves out of the equation, the riddle of life and living resolves and the recognition of a spiritual existence comes to be full-filled.

All it takes is a little obnosis along the way.

All it takes is taking a back seat to life and living in order to resolve life and living. One cannot resolve one's problems by being self-absorbed in them. But they can be resolved by simply observing the obvious. Can you not see that?

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