The Way To Happiness: Food-Body

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “meat-body”. It could describe a human on this planet who thinks that all he is is purely himself or his body. The term could also describe a human who, through a carnivorous diet, becomes the meat he consumes.1

Yes, becoming the meat one consumes in order to perpetuate the body as a home.

But there is an alternative and it is called “food-body”. This is not a term used to describe more fully what one consumes in order to sustain the human body. It does not expand the carnivorous intake description in order to make it more palatable, it is an alternative, one which does away with eating carrion.

In order to eat, Man must consume or ingest some sort of energy intake. To keep bodily consciousness intact one is required to sustain the body itself through an appropriate diet of suitable food energy. Starving the body into oblivion simply will not due for one who requires the use of it.

Carrion eating is something which is an acquired habit. When one becomes far to lazy to gather or sow, one tends to look for easy prey, something perhaps already dead or already killed by something, anything. It really doesn’t matter who or what does the killing as long as there is something, anything to eat. Sustaining the flesh through the ingestion of flesh requires no questions asked, just instructions as to the best roasting method, if any.

All life has harmony and this harmonic vibration is easily detected among all life. All life exudes this vibration, both in life and decreasingly, in death. In so matching vibratory levels of carrion eating one becomes what one eats. Animalistic in nature, the diet comes to consume one, to shatter the higher realms in favor of the lower. Is this the way of spiritual freedom?

Where all animal life is created for Man to be able to express and learn that which must be expressed and learned, plant life is a completely different matter. Flora is the sustenance where fauna is for experience.

Experience is not about working one’s way through carrion eating, that is the way towards further trials and tribulations which one must ultimately address. But through flora Man can and does achieve mastery over experience.

Why is that?

As stated, vibratory levels are part and parcel of one’s experience. By using the correct vibratory levels of bodily sustenance we allow ourselves to move beyond the levels of our own bounds. Through fixation on cannibalism one cannot move through bodily endeavors which are most times a requirement on the spiritual road of immortality. Human-kind is dead-centered upon using a mammalian body in order to “get around”. By eating the same how can it be possible for one to move beyond it’s inherent lower life-vibration. By thus feeding upon the fauna we create a reality where bodies become of prime importance. In this body-centric view we “go native”.

By releasing the binds of a carnivorous life-style we take upon ourselves all that becomes required of bodily sustenance. No more and no less. In this movement of attention our glance becomes directed elsewhere.

What better time than this to move ourselves just a bit further up the spiritual road of happiness.

Our human bodies are food bodies, made and sustained through the flora made just for it. Why not just let the body do it’s job and get about your own business. Are there not enough trials and tribulations in the baggage you are already carrying?

Feeding upon energy we become that which we have no business feeding upon. It sticks our attention and when our attention becomes so fixated our road to happiness becomes subdued, it becomes less important. Unfortunately there is no way around it. Sooner or later we all must come face-to-face with our decisions, sooner or later we all must take responsibility for our actions.

Sustaining life through killing is not the answer for one who travels a far, far different road, for one that is on the road to the happiness which is our very nature.

Life is sacred because you are life itself. What more could you possibly want?

  1. There is no compulsion here to convince anyone to change, revise or do anything else to their energy intake diet._ “Something for everyone.” is a great phrase which is certainly applicable. This commentary is purely a demonstration of particular points of view. There is much, much more to this subject but this general overview will have to do for now. 

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