Acceptable Degeneration

This is an observation:

I have a bit of a background in software design and maintenance in both small and large environments. In the old days having a software 'bug' being pointed out was attributed to either a failure in user analysis or in poor workmanship. The amount of 'bugs' found were indicative of the quality of the product produced. There was an expectation from the user that the product work flawlessly and efficiently, who in their right mind would accept flawed, superfluous or even non-working procedures?

These days commercial software testing is typically performed by the user in the rush to get it out the door. The worst part of it all is that it is now common practice to over-sell and under-perform the product bloating it with useless processes in order to suck in as much cash from as wide an audience as possible. Perhaps that isn't the worst part. Perhaps the worst part is that this is now perfectly acceptable in the commercial environment for both the seller and the buyer.

God forbid the children shouldn't have all their nice toys with 'beautiful' interfaces and 'lovely' finger-mouse 'gesturing'.

Just because these days it's a commonly accepted practice to glorify simple, basic processes and procedures, it doesn't take away from the fact that being dumbed down isn't just for the little kiddies at the local government school system anymore.

But this is old news.

It could be called predatory capitalism but actually it's something far more sinister than that.

First one who claws their way out of the crab bucket wins.


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