Fancy Footworking

What is time but a thin silver thread on which to hang one's hat. From here to there and back again makes no mind and it takes no time at the end of which someone just happens to turn out the light. Perhaps the question becomes that when this happens do you find yourself the be the one upon who darkness falls or are you the one who has already left the party? Perhaps you are the one who walks the fine line of life and death never venturing any where. That would be a shame.

When darkness falls and the lights go out don't think for a moment that the end has come to greet you with open arms.

It will not be that easy for you.

Better hurry before what little time there is remains so.

Just because all is not lost does not mean that there is no losing taking place. There always seems to be a few who rejoice in the fact of wandering every which way, loudly proclaiming focus and intent. I spit on your grave.

And then there came the time of waking and I realized that looking in the mirror is best left to those who relish such endeavors. I did leave breadcrumbs but it seems that the wind had something else to say about that and so the footsteps upon the sands of time are.... gone!

I have no history.

It's a sure sign of things to come.

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