Peace in the Time of Turmoil

The only piece which can be found is the missing link and despite even that being iffy, the totality can only come about through devastation, destruction and general mayhem. Do you see the twisted logic behind that?

But in the mind's eye there is always a rightness being displayed in action. It's just a small matter of how you want to get there. Does it really matter the process, considering the destination? Perhaps one route appears quicker where another appears arduous and difficult. In perception the path before us becomes laid.

So while the torment continues I would like to say this:

Are you having fun yet?

Personally, I don't enjoy having fun on the road to Rome. I much prefer instead, joy.

So while my cup runneth over where others are empty, I say eat, drink and be merry.

You never know what the morning will bring. Or even the next footstep.

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