Late Payment

In between the lines of stirring emotions, a quiet calm exhibits itself in ways not dreamed of outside of dreamtime. Exposing the thoughts that reside with the heart of Man, truth seeks its source and once demonstrated, it becomes impossible to revert to old ways and habits. I long for the days of old where the past came alive with no life of its own. Surviving the storm of our ebullient thoughts, we stake the clam that must be made and fall out of grace. Reaching new heights, we realize that nothing has ever happened.

Alone in the thought process, escaping is the only possible option short of self destruction. Survival at all costs!

The dream of Existence comes full circle to discover itself as it has never been. At least the thought presents itself as such. But in reality, we dwell, again and again until our escape seems next to impossible. Suddenly, we find nothing has changed but the face upon the waters of Life. Stranger in a strange land.

But some things never change and in the changing of the guard, new life is brought forth to fullfill the recurring dream. We accept nothing less short of satisfaction.

Wandering and left alone to enjoin our fate, we sweep our perception across the berth of nations and universes and see that in the ultimate act of antiquity, we see something familiar in the audience. It is we, ourselves, listening attentively and respectively. What better purveyor of dreams than the one which dreams?

Awakening afresh, moment to moment, nothing passes the all knowing eye. Reaching the center, the storm rushes by in haste and purpose. Devastating the way ahead, we feel safe in the ruins of our touch. There is no comfort, only the concept of safety.

As we progress and digress, we falter not and realize that in the play of servitude lies the hope which we refuse to believe. Suppression is just another word for refusing to see.

Observation demands payment and when its due is denied, hiding becomes the preferred way of life. Remaining at rest, payment is surely in the mail.

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