"I" Seek

The hope of man. What is the hope of man. Is it something that undercuts our pain and suffering which would allow us to rise again from the ashes of our incineration? Hoping against hope surviving only leaves us the option of continuing where we left off, but beyond the fallacy of 'doing it right', there lies the time of personal experience. Personal experience is the exploration of ourselves with an ensuing revelation called 'realization'. Our aims unite our efforts and over time these come to blossom and bear the fruits which we have long awaited.

Reaping our rewards, we come to know of ourselves and in that knowing our paint brush provides a deeper, richer view of our entirety. This entirety is what drives us forward in self discovery. What is it that we are? What do we encompass when called as "I"? Endlessly pursuing our demonstrations we expect the reward of knowledge to be laid at our feet. Unfortunately, the knowledge will never come to completion and so our wholeness ever remains empty and unfullfilled. What drives the desire in which we expend no end of effort? What makes us want to know ourselves so completely and fully, that nothing is left out.

The desire of knowing ourselves is what gives us life and this life is what demonstrates the reality we call "I". "I" seek and so it shall be found.

Ultimately, when the "I" has relinquished it's quest for fullfillment, we become fullfilled. From the emptiness, wholeness and nothingness remain. We remain as we ever were and ever shall be.

Some things in life just never change. :-)

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