Mirsu, the Age Old Telepath

Mirsu is such an interesting character and comes with a long and colorful history. There are a number of 'claims to fame' with which he has been involved with, among them the "We Come Back" episode. This episode required a lot of concerted effort and Mirsu was the man chosen to ensure a successful outcome. It indeed became a success.

Telepaths are few and far between on the 'darker' side of life. Actually, they are not really few and far between, but the one's who count are. For those events which are deemed to be 'indicative' or 'pace setting', these telepaths are called out for duty.

A good question to ask might be, why aren't these telepaths used constantly and consistently. Why would these 'dark' OTs not be brought into play all the time?

The answer is control, of course. For those who feel that they are 'running the show', using powerful thetans is considered dangerous. They just might decide to move in on the boss's own territory. To circumvent that, the bosses keep them on tight leashes and alternate between 'jobs' and 'fun and games'. There is a whole different existence that is brought into play here.

Mirsu is one of these 'dark' OTs. Whether on the job, or off, he is unmistakable. His presence has been felt by a huge number of people and that fact alone serves his purposes well.

His importance is revealed in a number of ways. There is a planet called Mirsu. There are cities named Mirsu, there are 'events' named Mirsu. His name is plastered all over the place and at times this causes much confusion. He likes that. :-)

He calls up a number of different talents as needed and his repertoire is huge, but his favorite is telepathic 'interpolation'. Whatever the term used, he relishes the idea of employing theta universe 'know how', to get his message across. He doesn't often fail.

'Knowing how to know' can, and is, used negatively. It is the corollary application of such. Mirsu knows this and enjoys playing the part.

Electronic manipulation of the thetan and/or biological life unit, is a realm unto itself. There is an enormous, and fascinating, collection of information garnered through investigation and research from ages past. Not many individuals take this road of interest, but Mirsu surely has. In the arena of mastery, Mirsu's work of art is indeed impressive. But this does not mean it is infallible or even acceptable in regard to the players at hand.

Relationally, it is obvious where I stand.

Mirsu can be a worthy opponent if you have expanded your awareness to encompass his sphere of influence. There are many layers and facets of life in which to explore. If you take this route I trust that it will be as rewarding to you as it has been to me. Some time ago I posted a message to alt.clearing.technology under the name of 'Chance-llor' in response to another's message. In it, I made mention of 'waking up' and asking a question of the guard. This question was actually for Mirsu. It is an interesting message to relay. Perhaps one of you will. :-)

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["Oh yeah, if you are really feeling full of gusto, when an 'attendant' discovers that you have unplugged and comes over to you, tell them that "Gordo has sent me to tell you that you can go now." Use some intention. I'd really like to hear back on that one."]

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Life is full of wonderment, lands of adventure, hidden corners to explore, roads rarely travelled and it is overflowing with knowledge awaiting it's call. The only way to get there from here, is to 'know how to know'. Once you know how to do that, things will once again become quite interesting.

There is a choice that you make each and every day. Fullfilling your day to day existence is one choice and the other is to go where no man has gone before. Sometimes, you make the choice and at other times, the choice comes calling.

The next time you watch the latest movie, the next time you buy a nice shiny new car, the next time that you feel really good in a new suit of clothes, just remember, there is a whole lot more out there just waiting for you to come and greet it. All you have to do is want it.

Mirsu wants it too, but what he wants is the control of YOU. Right now, he is feeling pretty darn good about things. So go ahead, build a career, become famous, worship those who require it, follow the routine. Make at least someone happy around here. :-)

But if you feel that there is something within you that is much, much greater than these things, then I would encourage you to unleash the beast. After all, it really IS a dangerous universe out there with YOU in it. :-)

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