Asking Is Receiving

When one asks, an emptiness ensues whereby the coming fullfillment may be realized. In creating space, we create that which we most desire. Out of nothing, the something beckons and ekes out an existence, seemingly beyond our conscious efforts. In destruction, space comes to be removed and all is as it was. The ebb and flow of Life is undeniable and with it's demonstration, we find the fondness of existence. What joy there is to see yourself! What joy in coming to know that you are Alive!

Deep within the recesses of might and mind there lies the joy which we call ourselves. Through it's expression, we give life to all that we see and take refuge in that demonstration. Nothing else exists and yet life becomes precious in it's individuality. Boundless joy can never be contained, and yet we strive to contain it at every opportunity. How many times do we shatter reality in order to 'rediscover' that joy? Perhaps the problem lies not in the joy, but in the methods of madness. Do we not call ourselves deranged when we deny our own nature. Going from 'here' to 'there', we journey through time and space and arrive no further and no farther than where it is that we first began. Evolution works in strange and mysterious ways, but who is the one who is fooled?

Through creation, we unfold our thoughts and sit back to watch the ensuing action. Coming to terms with aberrant behavior reveals that there is no such thing. Being responsible for your actions is one way to discipline the mind into obedience. Failing that, we continue to put off until tomorrow, what we could have done today and as the momentum grows, catastrophe finds a home in which to take root. Who shall save us from our own self while we continue to effort otherwise?

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