No Wonder We Are Blessed

I've lied.

I've lied about the roots of my humanity thinking that out of the abyss of illusionary thoughts and idle dreams, a reality would be found where the gloating of my self esteem would reign supreme and defy and overcome any and all possible enemies that I might imagine. It's a completely false idea. Destroying the destroyer creates an unwavering peace and in that peace destruction is neither real nor imagined.

Peace is not just the absence of falsehood, it is not just a state of being or existence, it is much more than that and yet fails in it's effort to reach the same level of demonstration because it goes beyond demonstration, comparison and achievement. Alone at last, there is nothing which remains to demonstrate that alone or it's absence. Riding the waves of emanation, a being absolves itself of choice and direction.

Falsifying beliefs, we take refuge in the idea that escape is our only option. If there is not a origination there can be no destination. Going from 'here' to 'there' we move in time and space and yet lifetime after lifetime, we move no further than where we presently are. To make and take a stand is to destroy the carefully created reality in which we cradle ourselves. What else is there to do?

Beyond the thoughts, beyond our own imagination there lies a time and a place of our own choosing and that choosing will one day appear before us, beckoning to us and drawing us despite our best efforts to the contrary. One day, you too, will awake and while rubbing the sleep from your eyes you just may say: "That was an interesting dream."

Life is a dream, seemingly beyond your control or intent but in reality it is none of those things. Life is Existence in action. You are that Existence and I marvel at your demonstration. No wonder we are blessed with the choice we call our own. How else could we say thank you?!

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