Born of Ignorance

Born of ignorance, destitute and alone, we emerge into the world whole heartedly with the hopes of an enthusiastic future into which we place our entire existence. Unforgiven, we develop the mind into our weapon of self destruction only to find that the end never arrives and forever takes on new meaning. Placing blame, we take blame and so in the quest for blood, we relish each and every opportunity to demonstrate our lust. We become the nightmare that we are.

Losing oneself in the darkness, we ever yearn for the light, always seeking and enticing ourselves onward into the abyss called life. Out of the dying flame, we burst forth, ever youthful and in full vigor. As we dance in the shadows, awakening occurs.

Along with the heart, we burden ourselves with the mind and through effort, we strive to over come each. Neither and both deserve the special regard we so carefully place upon our most prized possessions. Alone with our desire, we think thoughts and watch them come to fruition. Afraid, we hide behind our repository of infinite knowledge, while at the same time striving for the wisdom which seems to ever remain one step ahead of us. Running at full throttle, we never seem to lose steam, yet in losing ourselves, we find ourselves. In finding the Heart, we find Ourselves, and yet our faithfull companion reminds us of times gone by. From the Mind, our worlds becomes the reality we seek. In work or in play, losing oneself is not always a good idea.

Above or deep within, paths are ever existent and yet infrequently attained. All is for the asking, and yet who knows the right questions in which the unfolding occurs within. The traveller knows, and the wise one indeed, asks the appropriate questions, but previous to both, observation stakes it's claim. When looking both ways, before crossing the road, be sure to determine who it is that is doing the looking for without observation, the dead arise and carry on a life of their own. In the land of the living, there is no road and no observation. How does one exist when existence becomes but a fleeting thought. There is no such thing as embodiment and there is no such thing as spirituality. Would you think otherwise?

In times of plenty and in times of need, the play of action continues unabated, but what of that which creates both sides of the coin? What determines our fate and what delivers it to us? There can only be one answer but unfortunately it does not exist. Dreaming otherwise, we awaken to ourselves to discover truths best left to those who know better. From Heart to Heart, the lines of compassion remain unbroken and no matter the contention, remain ever present. In denying oneself we find freedom, and continue the thought through effort and suffering. Freedom is the crown of thorns we wear so well. Crucifying ourselves, we place blame elsewhere and so it comes to be.

Escaping, we remain ever fleet of foot in our feeble attempts of flight. Out here in the Land of the Dead, the Breath of Life takes on new meaning.

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