Are You Feeling Busy Today?

To go where no man has gone before is to go into the abyss of self destruction. Eventually, inevitability sets in and the long lost cousin of self despair gives rise to an ever increasing delight of eternal self destruction. The ends do justify the means when it comes to the motivations of egotistical self destruction. Enabling ourselves to see beyond our own thoughts, we come to understand that in viewing the world we make, we capture our innermost thoughts and ideas and find release. Desire vents and in it's wake we come to know of ourselves, and others. Amazingly, we venture forth in the darkness to find the light. How silly is that?

Have we come to where we are purely on the entertainment value in which we seem to find endless delight. Dancing, we watch our feet closely in the hopes that we will divine meaning much in the same way that bones are cast before the interpreter, only to find out that we really know nothing at all. Realizing our dreams we remain unfilled and overflowing with desire. What could or would ever quench this infinitude which resides within us. Yearning, we take flight and watch helplessly as our imagination runs away from us. Striving to regain lost ground, we fall into the abyss and the darkness in which we find comfort becomes the forerunner of what is to come. Striving, we extend our reach and behold the wonders of the universe, and beyond. Bringing lost and stray animals home everyday, sooner or later our house becomes inhabitable. If not here, then surely we will find our release in another place, another time perhaps, or even in another lifetime. Time waits for no man and so we sit patiently, awaiting the knock that is surely to come to our door. Opening ourselves we find fullness.

Day in and day out, we strive for the sake of striving. Goals were invented for attainment, not fullfillment. Are you feeling busy today?

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