Full Circle

On the horizon of our dreams, beyond the furthest reaches of our imagination, a place exists where time and function cease and come to be no more. It is a place where the endless migration of thoughts, concepts and ideas fall into the deep dark abyss of ever lasting night. Without the day, experiential ramblings would never see the light of day.

A soul unto itself remains free in perpetuity and yet bound of it's own accord, it seeks relief from itself. Opening doors into the unknown, it steps forth with a slight spring to it's step only to find what it is looking for. Innocence creates it's rewards and so captures the hearts and minds of the adventuresome. Longing creates the doorstep over which we stumble and fall in sheer delight. Awakening from slumber we realize realizations and behold a ceaseless wander. Truly a mirror of the innermost chambers of what we may call 'ourselves'. Faceted and enduring, we glisten in our own light and take pride in the reflections we see upon the face of those we shine upon. Seeing is all that it is cracked up to be and ever so much more.

Effectiveness is judged and so the future takes form and shape as we gaze into the crystal ball of the hereafter. Watching, we see and as time unravels before our very eyes, we realize too late that 'we are'. Existence exacts a price and as we check in and out our bill continues to mount with there being absolutely no intention of repayment or consideration thereof. Interacting, we realize that we are not alone in our emptiness. What joy we behold in the thrill of the chase. Over time, as we unwind, we land once again on our feet and stride unto the lands of whence we came. Conquering all we see, we come to realize that in essence, we see nothing at all, and worse yet, we find that our storehouse of knowledge has been empty all along despite our best efforts otherwise. As we descend from dizzying heights, we realize that we have indeed come full circle.

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