In The Eye Of The Storm

As we stand firm the whirlwind about us may seem to gather strength and in it's convictions overtake us with desire. Through false hopes and dreams we seem to come alive and yet it remains always just beyond our grasp. Chasing rainbows, we seek and yet finding is denied to us. Does one never learn?

Through trial and error we apparently make our way through the universe tip-toeing ever so gently while the waves cascade upon and around us. Caught in the tide are we not carried forward or do we propose that we are in full and complete control. Who would dare to raise a hand against us and yet as we stumble into turmoil time and time again the thought never leaves us. Is there something else. Is there a something else to which we are bound.

If time has no essence then surely our thoughts cannot be far behind. Left to our own devices we sustain and maintain our devices. It's good to have a friend along the way is it not. Appearances are deceiving and yet the victor is our own deception. Heralding our nature we expect all to bow down before us. Are there no bounds to self-pity.

Awakening to a dream is what we do each and every day. Aligning ourselves to what it is that drives us we expect results and though the results fall flat on it's face we none-the-less continue, unabated. The machinery lives on to fight another day.

It's the old hamster wheel spinning a yarn to be told. Too bad the tale is a tired worn out hag ready for the waste bin but as we revel in our glory all is going according to the plan.

On the road to an eventuality we barely comprehend is it not beneficial to notice what it is that surrounds us.

There are no secrets.

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