Tags : convictions

Trampling The Evil Of Distress

Waiting and watching is not a sign of intent but rather of… indifference. Surprisingly hands off requires intervention, at least in this case. There are no avenues of escape so one must ask, what’s the point? This isn’t about a… 29 Oct 2022

The Fear That Binds Us

As we create our universe we tend to envelop ourselves with ourselves and in so doing become what we see. As we are there is no separation. We are what we are and in expanding our scope all shines brightly before us. It’s all an illusion of… 04 Oct 2022

Threat Assessment

Behind the curtain of which Dorothy quizzically imagines lies the pulleys and strings which seem to control all that is perceived. Some like to believe that Man controls the realms of power as well as the Halls of Justice, so much so that… 29 Aug 2022

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