Breaking The Glass, Escaping To Freedom

Limits to the imagination pop up seemingly every where we look. If in space no one can hear you scream then surely within the vastness of our own sense of self realized gains, the torment we lovingly create for our reflected nature must indeed be silent as well. Suffering in solitude no one can help us as our demons are let loosed upon the lands to do our bidding. Yes, we are indeed our own worst enemy.

Looking above we yearn for our glory and as we step higher and higher our limitations become very self evident. Heaven does not await us as our journey, and our baggage, calls us and defines us. Surely some one or some thing will save us from ourselves. All we need do is await our good fortune and in so doing time slips by as the Wheel of Life and Living completes its journey. Sooner or later the illumination of our being shines again and rights the listing ship of lost souls so as to birth anew our rightful place in the Universe.

We have always stood fast.

It is not of nature but of reason. What Man creates let no one rend asunder. Luckily there is no one left alive. It is not the dead who inherit the earth but the righteous. As the road to freedom is paved with good intentions so too is our torment. Let this be the last way station upon which to disembark.

There is a song playing upon the winds of time and as it compels and propels you forward just remember this one very important tip:

Don't forget a seat-belt.

Strap in ladies and gentleman. It's just another day in Paradise.

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