Engaging Overdrive

Time is of essence. If you believe that then surely the Easter Bunny is not far behind. There always seems to be this thing called belief that hangs in the air emanating odors which could be classified in the 'unpleasant' category quite easily. "We all 'believe' in something." And in hypnotic sway we find ourselves lost to our selves and to every one else. Success!

It takes quite the effort to lead astray and in the same proportion to return home. Most assuredly it is a case of the blind leading the blind. Eventually the path through the jungle of Life and Living peters out with our minds filling in the gaps so as to find a way forward. It is simply not there. Coming to terms with our limitations is best left to the brave of heart.

Despite the dearth of bravery it still exists and in that existence we find the way forward. All one needs to do is listen.

On whichever side of the coin one resides upon the obverse beckons. In the night of our dreams choosing can be confused with soul searching but this is not a mental exercise in discretion but a battle of wills, a battle between a sense of good and a sense of evil. Despite its lack of existence we tend to energize it into being. So who is to blame for our just rewards.

Upon moving on reality takes on a new life, a new mode of being for our new-found pleasure. Jumping from the fire into the furnace is not recommended but to each their own. Taking flight we all soar to our pre-determined heights.

Let that be your guide, to soar high and with mighty wing so as to reach the stars and beyond. There are no limits and so taking comfort in the caress of the Universe we are in good hands.

What is let no Man rend asunder1.

  1. Look it up, it's in the rule book. 

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