Sidelined With Meaning

How do you help someone who does not wish to be helped. How do you provide an alternative view to someone who willfully sees no other. How can understanding create turmoil as a way for awareness to take note. What is the purpose of entertainment when taken for reality. If no one knows you exist, do you?

In relation we come to find meaning. But when we are just us is it there that we tend to entertain ourselves purely out of boredom or do we make the choice to leave nature to it's course.

In solitude we can also come to find meaning. With so many choices, so many roads to take, with so many chosen roads travelled where are we today? Where is it that we have 'found' ourselves in this moment, this breath of an eternity which solely exists for our pleasure. Shall we just gaze into the mirror of Life and Living so as to conjure up something, anything? Perhaps we should just continue to gaze into that stupid mirror, sooner or later somebody has gonna have to do something. Let's just wait and see.

As the Sands of Time do their thing we too take pleasure in unraveling ourselves bit by bit but what happens when there is no sand to watch will we then find our place in the Universe or will our empty cup move on to some thing else.

We all find meaning in life suitable to our nature. But what happens when 'our nature' is nothing like what we have imagined for ourselves? With there being such a huge difference between thought and reality will we even recognize our nature when it is presented for our little mind's inspection?

Seeing through our thoughts is but a magician's trick while those not at the show have little need of either. We are what we are but some like to create a mole out of a mountain hill.

There is no life after death because death is supposed to take it away, that is it's purpose. On the other hand coming into life means leaving something else behind. That is the purpose of life, to create a playing field where all sorts of fun and games can be played1.

No wonder so many people love the sports area. Unfortunately the overwhelming majority simply sit on the sidelines gazing with excitement upon the field of play. And as life unfolds hot-dogs are bought and sold with gusto. In the illusion of meaning some find peaceful and contented excitement cheering that their team won as the Shadow of Death holds sway.

Meaning can be found any where and at any time. What's the big deal?

There are no winners and there are no losers. Get over it.

  1. That's not really it's purpose even though some could relate to it. It's called a set-up for what follows. 

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