Call Me Names

I am a flexible kind of person. Do you wish for me to become your enemy, an enslaver of mankind? I can do that. Do you wish for me to further the search for spiritual truth and self discovery? I can do that. Do you wish for me to subscribe whole heartedly to your personal ideals and morals? My apologies, but I already adhere to my own. After all, I'm a thetan1. :-)

Call me names, publicly, and privately; shun me, or even humor me with offensive jokes. Each experience reveals itself as it is. Kill this body or electronically mutate the organs within, it doesn't matter. In fact, I consider those silly and childish games. Deny me my spiritual freedom, and I will laugh at the joke. Withdraw your friendship and I will still see what I see. Defend me or attack me, both serve the same purpose and neither will get the job done. Speak from the heart, and I melt with joy. Truth is not hard to find when you realize that it sits just under your nose the entire time.

I am a flexible kind of being. I can play selfish games or reveal the wisdom of the ages. I can watch you die and watch you live in the same unthinking breath. When time stands still, I take no notice. There is nothing that I would not do to come to know the truth about myself and when you show me the way, I follow. When there is no truth left, I gladly discard what I have so that it returns to whence it came. In equilibrium, the balance of the universe becomes an absolute delight in which to be.

In reality, I am complete inflexible, in thought, word and deed. There are no roads for me to take, no experience which must be experienced and no wisdom which must come to be learned and understood. The understanding in which I have placed the entirey of my existence seems to be missing. I am deaf, dumb and blind. Thankfully there is someone else to ease my pain. In the suffering of others, we take pride, as it is only then in which we clearly see the suffering in which we have tormented ourselves. The denial of our right to live is painful indeed, but what of the nothingness beyond?

Enjoyment of life comes from the living of it. Walking with the dead is a tale best left to those who have already passed on. If it is not your time of passing, why not make the most of living, by actually living? The beauty of life is all around you. Why not go find it?

  1. thetan: a conceptualized image of one's self as being superior to the mind. 

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