Are You Ready To Deal With That?

Through the way of the living, the dead become known. How else is it that the dead can arise from their comfortable graves and meet the new day. It is in the arising that life takes place for without the will, all that happens is animated meat.

Truth of consequence brings about change. With change comes experience and with experience comes the gift of forgetfulness. Time must pass and extend ever onward. Coming or going, the only limits that exist are the ones we, ourselves, place upon it. In infinite gratitude, there still isn't enough time to pay our respects.

Walking with the dead, we feel alive with gusto and full of experience in which to show the way. Being the bearer of good news is a worthwhile endeavor to behold. Who is it that brings the news we do not wish to hear, or have we already heard of it? Coming or going, we endure the pleasure in order that we may experience the pain. Why cry about it now?

The best way to overcome the pain is to overcome the desire for pleasure. In seeking, we fulfill ourselves. Perhaps there lies an alternate route to fulfillment. Perhaps it is the idea of fulfillment itself that creates the problems we look forward to. For the goal to be realized, you must place obstacles in your path. No cheating allowed!

Gradually, we all come to realize one thing or another. Placing the realization as the goal never seems to work, but placing ourselves as the goal does. Why is that? We create ourselves to find ourselves. Why not just misplace your car keys and pretend otherwise.

Reaching and withdrawing, we become unsure where it is that we have placed ourselves. It seems that remembrance is the only solution. Good thing we store our memories for future review!

Looking in the mirror of life, we see ourselves in all of it's glory and still come up short. What is it that always seems to lie just beyond our myopic sight. We know 'something' is out there. It is never 'here', but always 'there'. Clarity of sight reveals clarity of vision, are you ready to deal with that?

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