Xenu: The Foe That You've Always Wanted

Bad guys come and go in this universe, good guys as well. What does not follow this rule is 'you'. No matter where you go, there you are, always to be found. This does not change and never will.

Xenu, is the embodiment of the darker side of 'you'. He contains those elements which can be found in each and every individual, manifested to a much larger extent. This, he is not afraid to show and make known. In actual fact, it is those qualities which are hidden and denied within you that he preys upon. As the embodiment of your fears, he draws it out in others. This is something that occurs quite naturally, as is the case in the opposite of the qualities mentioned.

Using these qualities, he unmasks your hidden desires and fears and allows you the room to hang yourself with them. He opens the door of your fears, hopes and desires and gives you the room to vent covert (and overt) negative emotions. He encourages this by demonstration through his own actions.

Affinity, in all of it's forms, seeks to attract likeness. Those qualities which exist within an individual will, of themselves, seek matching outside demonstrations. It is in the natural order of this universe to not 'survive' but to 'as-is'. 'Survival' is the fight to hold off it's self-destruction. Left alone to it's own devices, harmony seeks it's self and extinguishes itself. This is the basis for all life and the 'why' of it's existence.

If one were to release the effort that is expended in ensuring separation, one would be One with the All. Esoteric as that sounds, affinity in action creates the Oneness of Existence. Effort is the creation of space through which affinity must overcome. In that space, all sorts of things can, and do happen. All sorts of creations are placed within it to elongate the space. 'Time' becomes a factor.

When an upsetting emotional event occurs within one's own space, many times the individual will create a barrier to it's content in an attempt to not experience, and thereby not become the effect of, that event. Clearing attempts to remove this created space through education. As an individual learns how to handle emotion, the individual becomes proficient in divining space and time. Sooner or later, the individual will come to realize that they create the reality that they percieve.

In that perception, all sorts of wonders exist, both 'good' and 'bad'. There is an undeniable attraction to those qualities most like yourself. More correctly; to those qualities which you have given yourself. When you find yourself efforting against something, what you are doing is creating space in which to carry out an existence, or aspect, of yourself. Removing the desire for creation removes the effort with which it exists.

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