With Childish Delight

Languishing in our dreams, when will the morning bring us the hope we desire so dearly. When will the sun appear before us to lead the way into that vast unknown we call 'the day'. Arising, we beseech whatever it is that rules over us, happy in the knowledge that all will be taken care of. Going out about the day's work, we fall into our daily dose of forgetfulness. Happily, we survive another day and lose ourselves, once again, within the darkness that welcomes us with glee. The cycle of Life carries us and cries evermore "awake sleeping giant. awake friend or foe. Awake and settle into your new life."

Awaking and arising, once again we set about our daily tasks, ever hopeful that the day will come to a close and ever hopeful that our dreams will continue to carry us forward to the body's demise. Can this be the Land of the Living? Can this be where the streets are paved with gold and enrichment is every citizen's birthright? You have arrived, is that everyone else that you see?

With eyes closed we tremble with childish delight, jumping for the joy that is sure to come; jumping with the expectation of wish fulfillment. Granting the right to live, we extinguish ourselves to the flame of desire. Embodiment takes on a whole new meaning.

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