Broken But Not Stirred

It's true, all of it.

I am not a flesh being. Yeah, you might think I am because I complain about the body's dislike for one thing or another but... so what. It doesn't change anything, I'm still out here in the nether reaches just beyond one's grasp. Another way of saying the same thing is that when one dreams and reaches for the stars... there they are.

I've never really attached myself to the body that prances and dances around proclaiming "I live!" Despite it being as funny as all get-out that's not me. Even though I take refuge in the fact that life is full of twists, turns and the changing of the guard even then nothing has changed. Strange but true because truth is where we find it and I'm not looking. I already am.

As I get closer and closer to my deathbed, as we all do, life fades and in it's place comes the certainty of what it is that moves us all in the first place. If life is defined by what we do and say then I say... have at it because it is not a definition I would ever think about embracing. Life 'happens' and in that narrow and restricted perspective lies all that is. Well, not really because when you step through that door fate comes a knockin'. Or is it the other way around, I forget1.

Even though I am the 'quiet' guy off in the corner doing some such nonsense there are those who understand better than the show called appearances and realities. I have no aversion to sheep being sheep among the herd as the shepherd drives purpose and plan forward. Never over the edge mind you, that would be irresponsible but sometimes darn near it. Skirting the edge of one's realities can be a bitch especially if it is someone else doing the directing. No, I am not directing you.

This Universe and similar to all others, there exists an undercurrent for what was, is and will be. It has nothing to do with life, living and the deceit of one's own nature2.

All I can say with due regard is... live it up!

  1. My sense of humor never fades. 

  2. I'm talking about your deceit, not the existence of any so-called deceit regarding one's nature. 

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