Organizational Discombobulation

Organizations love organization. Everything must be 'just so', all in their proper place. Predictably, it becomes all very much predictable. *yawn*

There are a number of weaknesses inherent in the organization structure. There is just no way around it, these weaknesses create vast gaping holes which provide ample opportunity for the organization to self-implode, to go up in smoke. The followers as well as the provincial authority both become glorified with their own place in the universe - as they see it. Covered eyes do not see and so walking among the dead is a task easily accomplished along with the effected changes.

Sometimes, when those of mind-altering self-appreciative tendencies are left to stand alone they tend to fall alone. You can't offer up a suitable scapegoat when 'power' has been condensed unto a personality. The target becomes naked and bare. This is like saying that truth will prevail but truth actually never does, it just is.

Up and down the chain of command orders are received and given. According to one's stature answers are either given or ignored. Through force of character or insignia of authority action is undertaken.

While the necessity of unquestioned directive is appropriate for the unawares the problem becomes the unawares. They can either follow the path of integrity as denoted in training and conviction or follow the path of integrity as defined by rogue 'authority' in it's god-like quality.

Fooling everyone the fool stands alone.

Taking into account various factors and influences the organization, in order to survive and continue viability, is at times forced to accept the fool and perhaps even to encourage it. Weakness in character is never limited when it comes to its scope and breath. But in doing so it endangers not only the entire organization but it's relationships as well. This scenario is called the House of Cards and when it falls the effects can be far ranging and quite devastating to the builders.

Sometimes the inevitable reaches the conscious mind and suddenly becomes the obvious, as if it was known all along. In this dangerous thinking environment the game of justification supplants card playing. According to the rules of irresponsibility no one must know, they must not be found out and so direct attention away and apart from themselves.

In this far ranging consequence of sleep there is to be no waking.

But for those wondering just how far the rabbit hole goes, there is a waking.

That sound you hear is not the rumbling of the snoring hordes but the stomping of feet coming to your door. It has been said that for every action there is an equal and opposite re-action. Unfortunately that saying doesn't take into account the Order of Magnitude rule where effects, compounded by their dynamic reflection gain force and magnitude and so arrive at the cause point in a most interesting and unusual way.

It's true that my connection to the various structures of organization have been effectively nulled but perhaps it could also be said that in superseding structure the apparent disorganization is anything but.

In so laying the groundwork, it is done.

Closing Notes

In the pause between breaths where computation completes it's realignment all outside activity temporarily ceases. Activity does not cease through purpose and plan but rather as a side effect of having one's attention directed inward, towards completing the process of the realignment of data, decision and the right to be. Having one's world turned upside down can be quite disconcerting and until the pieces fall into place there is no place in which to be (which defines the apparent hesitation or pause).

Without the dedication of self-awareness the only life-line there is, is chance. This 'chance' can take many forms with one being balance and harmony with the Universe at large. Few are the ones who take this route preferring instead the self interest form of computation and conviction of being. But this is a whole 'nother subject for the camp fire.

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