What's It All About?

There have been a few changes made to this website recently but that is nothing unusual. Things do change and about the only recourse we have is to swim with the tide - or fight against it.

Swimming with the tide doesn't mean going along for the ride or doing as the herd does, what it means is to determine one's own true course through this Universe, Sometimes this means that one will swim with the tide - or to be harmonious with the Universe, and at other times we require ourselves to stand firm with conviction. In this interplay of reach and withdraw we come to learn a great many things.

But that only happens when we are free of fixation.

Pain and suffering tells us of our imbalance while peace and joy points to something else entirely. For some, these pointers are a life-saver while for others there are no pointers at all - and that is where we are headed. There is no need of pointing when we remain as we really are - but don't take my word for it, find out for your self. Take the time to rediscover the discovery that you are.

A section on Alex Collier has been added.

Mr. Collier's information is quite extra-ordinary for these times and yet this information is nothing unusual at all for those whose awareness reaches beyond the prison bars of our own making. In a w-i-d-e field of view, much can be seen.

So go ahead and take in a wider field of view. What can it hurt to see beyond your own immediate perspective? What can it hurt to peek into another's viewpoint, even if for a moment or two? Safety does not lie behind bars of conditioning, it lies in the ability to face any thing and any one at any time.

Freedom is the kingdom of being free. When one detaches one's self from things one regains the freedom willingly relinquished through acquisition. No one can take your freedom away but you can willingly give it up. No one can restore freedom to you because you and you alone are that freedom.

Perhaps the section of Alex Collier's material will help one to at least stretch their legs for a bit as a warm up before reality comes knocking on the door.

Ready or not, here it comes!

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