Immersed In Thought

Our nature provides for any and all things. In creating life we become life. In creating experience we become the experience and supposedly 'learn' from such. The truth is that no such learning occurs. How can we learn from that which we create?

This leads us to the question of how we got here in the first place. If our nature is well beyond our grasp of mind and matter, how did we get here, to where we are today?

This is how:

Our existence is like a thought from the mind. Think of an apple and it becomes real. It may not take form and shape in a physical construct, but it certainly takes form and shape in our own universe, our own conception of creation. This is, of course, not only real but full of experience and all that it embraces. The physical realm is but the playground sandbox full of wonder-full and delight-full experiences. All may see, hear, touch and experience our exuberance.

This expression of our nature is just that - an expression, a ripple upon the waters of what we are. From the drop or essence of our nature our being follows the ripple out into the Universe taking in cause and effect. As our beingness refutes the responsibility for cause and effect experience takes root and perpetuates the wave of energy we call 'me'. Here, responsibility is but the acknowledgement of beingness.

How or why the drop or Spark of Creation comes to be is a complete and total mystery. This magical something can be examined, inspected, dissected, quantified or labelled to any degree and yet the Great Mystery will ever remain. No beingness will ever come close to attaining knowledge about this because knowledge has nothing what-so-ever to do with it. Neither does wisdom though in wisdom one already fully understands this.

The ocean of our nature carries the surfer to great realms. Riding the wave we tend to eke out an existence as if we alone are the god of our creation. The fact is our beingess is but one small drop in the vast ocean of our nature. The drop called beingness is completely self-contained as it's purpose is to 'be'. It is. But it is not all that there is. Hmmm. What an interesting remark.

If beingness is thought can thought break free of it's self?

All that beingess can do is to let go of it's inclination to 'be' in order for the drop to become the ocean.

A thought cannot end until the ripple finally dissipates. It must achieve it's goal before it ceases 'to be'.

Perhaps it is then that Mankind will 'wake up'. :-)

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